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chase two rabbits, lose them both

...and probably lose yourself as well

Sara Sidle Fans
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Welcome to the Sara Sidle community!

Recently, the late moderator of this community, smut_queen has givin it up to your new mod and maintainer, super_neato.

Rules and Regulations:

You CAN:

Post Sara/Jorja Icons UNDER AN LJ CUT
Post Sara/Jorja Pictures UNDER AN LJ CUT- NO NUDITY
Ask questions pertaining to Sara or Jorja
Any comments or questions you'd like to ad, anything to stir things up a bit


Bash Sara or Jorja in any way, shape, or form
Attack other members personally
Promote ANY community without permission from the mod

Please feel free to join and comment, new and friendly faces are always welcome here!
Just remember to keep the topics on Sara Sidle, Jorja Fox, or CSI.

Thank you, and have fun!