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Campaign to Save Sara!

In case you didn't already know, the gang over at YTDAW have started a campaign to keep Jorja Fox on CSI.

This is what Gibby said:

1) Print a flyer. You have a choice of using the plain black-text one with picture, the red-text one, or the red-text one with picture. Just copy and save the files at the bottom of this post. Big thanks go out ot csifan2005 and Unspoken for their work on the flyers!

2) Add the dollar bill -- or whatever your country's equivalent of a dollar is. You don't have to go exchanging money if you don't live in America. Money is money, and we're doing this to make an impact, so it might be cool if they got euros and British pounds and lots of other stuff! If you like, secure the money to the flyer with a paper clip or tape. Whatever you do, make sure to fold the flyer around the money, so you can't see the money through the envelope.

3) It's optional, but you could add a letter praising the premiere and bringing up Ausiello's column. If you do, don't come off as a rabid crazy fangirl. Be nice, and be SANE.

*If money is scarce -- something I think we all understand -- and you don't have much you can give, target Carol Mendelsohn and Naren Shankar. If you can't participate in the flyer campaign and still want to help, PLEASE mail a letter. Or ten. It really does help. Snail mail works.

4) Mail your envelopes to this address:

Carol Mendelsohn/Dustin Lee Abraham/Sarah Goldfinger/David Rambo/Naren Shankar/Doug Petrie/Allen MacDonald, etc.
c/o CSI
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 2128 Suite B
Universal City, CA 91608

Go here to see the original post and get the flyers. 
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